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Wee Deliver
Wee Deliver is an internal mail system for students, teachers and parents as a way to send letters to other Pebble Creek students. It is a program that is designed to help improve reading and writing skills of elementary school children. Each year, Wee Deliver handles about 2,000 letters. 

Letters will be delivered each Thursday morning to the classrooms and offices by 4th grade students chosen as Postmasters for the semester. The unique Wee Deliver stamps have been designed by current Pebble Creek students and are located on the Wee Deliver table by the front office along with stationary for everyone to use. The 2019-2020 addresses for each class are listed on the Wee Deliver wall by the mailbox and are available here.

​Parents – please write letters to your students to encourage them during the year – the kids love getting notes! We also encourage you to help your child send kind notes to their school friends. (Remember to help them address the envelope properly – this is a fun way for them to practice their addressing skills.)

Students – Here are some ideas for you!
1. Use these letters as a way to send kinds words to others.
2. Let someone know something nice you have noticed about them.
3. Thank someone for something they have done or what you like best about them.
4. Draw a picture or write a letter at home/class and bring to school to mail in Wee Deliver.

If you have extra stationary please donate it to Wee Deliver by leaving it with the staff in the front office or sending it to school with your child. Thank you!
2019 Fall Postmasters