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About Us
PTO Mission

The main objective of the Pebble Creek PTO is to help provide an environment that fosters a joy and enthusiasm for learning. We are always looking for new ideas to help make our children’s school a better learning facility. We hope you find our website helpful and that you will consider attending the PTO monthly meetings and sharing your ideas for the good of our school!

Join the PTO

We need you! The PTO depends on parent volunteers throughout the year. If you are interested in serving, please contact Tammy Mogford at Consider joining us and being part of a great group of parents that make a difference here at PCE!

PTO Dollars at Work

The PTO has raised money and contributed in many ways over the years to make Pebble Creek Elementary a place where your child will enjoy learning. Smart boards, classroom iPads, and the covered walkway are a few examples of past PTO expenditures. The PTO is expecting to spend over $50,000 on the following items and more:

Educational Programs:
  • Teacher Wish Lists
  • Scholastic News Subscriptions
  • Grade-Level Field Trips
  • Literacy Library
  • PE Olympian T-Shirts
  • Educational Programs

PTO Meetings

Attending a PTO meeting is a great way to stay informed of campus- and district-level news and events. You can also hear about opportunities to get involved. PTO meetings take place every six weeks at noon in room 202. Here is a list of dates for this year's PTO meetings:

  • September 7th
  • ​October 5th
  • November 2nd
  • January 11th
  • February 1st
  • March 1st
  • April 5th - budget meeting
  • May 3rd - transition meeting

Interested in learning more?
School Betterment:
  • Teacher Grants
  • Replace Teacher Desks & Chairs
  • Teacher Walkie Talkies
  • Gaga Ball Pit on Playground

Pebble Creek Elementary

PTO Board 2017-2018

Board Position




Tammy Mogford

Vice President

Adrienne Shields


Kari Krueger

Immediate Past President

Kim Russell


Jill Moore


Cheryl Robison

Kelly Chambers


Maegan Jackson

Katherine Kleemann

Book Fair

Beth Bondurant

Pam Criscitiello

Carissa Chandler


Megan Jonasson

Sarah Schuessler

Field Day

Whitney Kriel

Fun Run/Food Drive

Brittany Bruggman

Misti Hill Carter

Garden Fundraising

Candice Hermansen

Stephanie Harmon

Kinder Coordinators

Kelly Chambers

Charlsie McDaniel

PHP Outreach

Shawn Henderson


Amy Krupa

Lara Clark

School Supplies

Monica Brown

Staff Relations

Rebecca Melder

Deborah Veley

Alison Sawyer

Adrienne Shields


Lisa Hunziker

Kara Gidley

Variety Show

Megan Jonasson

Kate Morawietz


Hearin Schmitt

Rachel Mayne

Wee Deliver

Kate Morawietz

Sarah Riggs


Sandy Beavers

Heather Kotasenski

Stefanie Davidson

Andria Kastner